C#.Net How To: Consume a Web Service in C#.Net Visual Studio 2010

This c# tutorial explains how to consume a web service in a C# console application program. I am assuming you have already created a c# web service. Please refer my previous post on how to create a web service application and how to create simple wcf service? Consuming a .net web service is not a big task. The screenshots along with each steps would help you understand the how to consume a web service in c#.net.

Watch Video: How to create and consume asp.net web service!

Steps to consume a web service in c#.net?

  1. Create a new C# console application project.
    C# - Creating Console Application
    C# – Creating Console Application

    Here, I have specified name of the project as “MyFirstWebServiceConsumerApp“. Click on Ok button to proceed further.

  2. Go to Solution Explorer and right click on your Console Application Project Name. In this case, right click on “MyFirstWebServiceConsumerApp” and select “Add Service Reference…” from the drop down menu.
    C# - Adding Web Service Reference
    C# – Adding Web Service Reference
  3. Click on “Advance” button.
    C# - Web Service Reference
    C# -Web Service Reference
  4. Click on “Add Web Reference..” button.
    C# - Web Service Reference Settings
    C# -Web Service Reference Settings
  5. An Add Web Reference window will appear to consume a web service in c#.net. Enter here URL of the web service.
    C# - Consume a web service in c#.net
    C# -Web Service URL

    Now, click on button(See below image) to retrieve all web service methods in this window.

    C# - Add Web Service Reference button
    C# – Add Web Service Reference button
  6. Enter the Web Service URL and click on -> button to check whether the Web Service URL is valid or not. If the URL is valid, it would show you the available Web Methods and the status will appear as “1 Service Found:
    C# - List of Web Methods
    C# – List of Web Methods
  7. Enter web service reference name. I used “MyFirstWebServiceReference” as a web service reference name as shown in above image. Now, click on “Add Reference” button.
  8. Now check the Solution Explorer. “MyFirstWebServiceReference” must get added under web reference folder.
    C# - Web Service Reference in Solution Explorer
    C# – Web Service Reference in Solution Explorer
  9. The next step is to add Reference of this web service to our c# code, so that we can use this in code files. Add following line in code file consume a web service in c#.net –
           using MyFirstWebServiceConsumerApp.MyFirstWebServiceReference;
  10. Add below code to call the web method. So the final code will appear as –
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using MyFirstWebServiceConsumerApp.MyFirstWebServiceReference;
    namespace MyFirstWebServiceConsumerApp
        class Program
            static void Main(string[] args)
                Service1 webService = new Service1();
                Console.WriteLine(webService.MyFirstWebMethod(“Bradd”, “Pitt”));
  11. Now save the files and Execute the application. Press F5 button on your keyboard to execute the code. The result should appear as below screenshot –
    C# - consume a web service in C#.net console application
    C# – Web Service output in Console Application

Your fi­rst web service consumer console application is ready.

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